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Workers' comp
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Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual (mcim) is a premier provider of workers' compensation insurance, offering coverage to virtually all industry groups in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. For over thirty years, we have been committed to serving our policyholders through a distinguished group of independent agents.
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Our "best in class" customer service begins with the friendly greeting you receive when you phone us. From speaking with someone directly, to having team-focused support from Underwriting, Loss Prevention and Claims, mcim's commitment to customer service is apparent. Reducing costs, minimizing risks and improving safety are among some of the benefits our policyholders receive. Payment plans are structured for convenience to meet ever-changing needs. Whatever your workers' compensation insurance needs are, mcim stands ready to help.

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Michigan Office: toll free 800.262.4743 / Florida Office: toll free 877.925.9911 / email: info@mcim.com / terms of use