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Return to Work Program

While accident prevention is the best way to reduce overall injury costs, an effective Return-to-Work (RTW) program is the best way to manage costs after an injury has occurred. A successful RTW program benefits employers and employees by returning an injured worker to the workplace when medically able to do so. Often times the employee may be able to return to work with modified responsibilities.

RTW programs assist in reducing lost productivity, the cost of hiring and training a new employee as well as increased insurance premiums. Support of this type of program keeps injured workers involved in the day-to-day workplace activities, reducing their isolation and improving morale.

There are two essential elements to all successful RTW programs: the employer must commit to returning employees to work in a safe and timely manner, and they must have ongoing communication with their injured employee beginning immediately after the injury occurs and continuing throughout the recovery period. Some jurisdictions provide a premium discount to employers who have a formal endorsed RTW program

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