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Report a Claim

mcim’s claims department provides several easy and convenient methods to report workers’ compensation injuries, as well as responsive follow up and effective monitoring of all claims by workers’ compensation professionals. Once we receive a claim, either by phone, fax, e-mail or online, it is promptly reviewed by our claims staff. Our examiners stay involved in each case, monitoring treatment and keeping the policyholder and injured worker fully informed while the claim is open.

To use our FROI system (online First Report of Injury), please select the First Report of Injury menu option from the Insured section of your My mcim menu, or click here. (NOTE: If you have not requested access to this feature, email us at newclaims@mcim.com.)

To help expedite the handling of a claim, the following options are available by clicking on the form name below. (NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Approval, Standard, or Professional version 5 or newer is required for submitting these forms by email.)

You may call, fax or e-mail the completed injury report to:
Phone: 888.922-5246
FAX: 941.921-0640

Michigan Office: toll free 800.262.4743 / Florida Office: toll free 877.925.9911 / email: info@mcim.com / terms of use