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The Value of Early Reporting

When a serious injury occurs, medical treatment should be sought immediately, and mcim notified on that same day. A less urgent claim should be referred to the employers designated physician or clinic for treatment, and mcim should be notified at that time – always within 24 hours.

Some jurisdictions allow an employer to direct medical treatment for an injured employee. Prompt reporting allows mcim to assist the employer in directing the employee to a preferred provider organization (PPO) physician or clinic. Using providers within the PPO network controls costs and treatment duration, which benefits our policyholders and their employees.

Expeditious reporting also allows mcim's experienced claim department staff to more effectively manage and direct all aspects of the claim. It facilitates accurate accident investigations as well as timely specialist referrals and coordination of transitional return to work. Immediate reporting may also eliminate unnecessary medical treatment in addition to an unimpeded return to work.

At mcim, we encourage employers to report all injuries regardless of severity, and to submit all medical bills for payment. When employers cover minor injury expenses themselves, higher medical bill costs are incurred since PPO and state fee schedules are not applied.

Employers also have the option of submitting a "record only" injury report on incidents that occur where no medical treatment has been sought. This provides documentation of the event should an employee develop symptoms and seek treatment at a later date.

Effective claims handling begins prior to an injury by establishing a relationship with a physician or clinic. For assistance in locating a physician in your area please call us at 1-888-922-5246 or click here. You may also call this number to report a claim, or click here.

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