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Effective claim management begins before an injury occurs. We encourage our policyholders to build a relationship with a clinic or doctor to treat their injured employees. Be sure your staff knows they are to seek initial medical care at this facility (in the case of a life-threatening injury, the employee should be transported to the emergency room). Once an injury has occurred, report it to mcim within 24 hours or as soon as possible after you have been notified. Do not wait for medical bills to arrive, or until an employee asks you to submit a claim. Your mcim team can help reduce costs, assure proper medical direction and prompt payment of benefits when an accident is reported timely and accurately.

Here is a list of just a few of the value-added services mcim’s claims department offers our agents and policyholders:

  •   Easy, convenient reporting by using our toll-free number, fax, e-mail address, or website
  •   Responsive, thorough and effective service
  •   Completion of all claim filings required by the appropriate regulatory agencies
  •   Prompt issuance of claim payments
  •   Rehabilitation and job placement arrangements
  •   Legal representation, settlement and/or trial preparation
  •   Medical cost-containment programs

To report a claim call 888.WC CLAIM (888.922.5246)

Prescription Coverage - mcim has partnered with MyMatrixx to provide outstanding prescription coverage. In order to eliminate out of pocket expenses to your injured employees, please use this Temporary Prescription Card. The injured worker may take a copy of this document with them when seeking initial treatment. Once their claim is received and processed by mcim, a permanent prescription card may be provided to them as needed.

Preferred Provider Search - In-network providers offer additional savings which control your medical expenses. Our convenient and simple to use website allows you to search for a provider by name, region or specialty. Please follow these instructions to familiarize yourself with the medical facilities most convenient for your injured employees. If you need assistance, please contact our claims department at (888) 922-5246.

Michigan Office: toll free 800.262.4743 / Florida Office: toll free 877.925.9911 / email: info@mcim.com / terms of use