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About mcim
We are Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual (mcim), one of the most respected workers’ compensation insurance providers. For over thirty years, we have been dedicated to providing coverage for our policyholders through a distinguished group of independent agents. Originally founded as a self-insurance group fund for builders and related trades, mcim today provides an expanding range of programs and services to virtually all industry groups as a mutual insurance company. In fact, mcim was the first self-insured group fund in Michigan to successfully convert to a mutual insurance company.

We build strong relationships with our agents and policyholders to deliver cost-effective workers’ compensation insurance.

In placing coverage with mcim, customers enjoy:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Personal, timely and effective claims handling and service
  • Industry-specific safety materials, programs and manuals
  • A professional loss prevention program

mcim is your partner in containing costs by preventing loss.

Michigan Office: toll free 800.262.4743 / Florida Office: toll free 877.925.9911 / email: info@mcim.com / terms of use